Glimmering Neltharite Cluster (2024)

1. Glimmering Neltharite Cluster - Item - World of Warcraft - Wowhead

  • "A truly remarkable collection of magical gemstones. This is a crucial component for Jewelcrafters to create a Jeweled Onyx Whelpling." Max Stack: 1000.

  • It is looted from Tuskarr Chest. In the Jewelcrafting Materials category. An item from World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. Always up to date with the latest patch.

2. Glimmering Neltharite Cluster - Wowpedia - Fandom

3. Glimmering Malygite Cluster - Item - World of Warcraft - Wowhead

  • It is looted from Sapphire Gem Cluster. In the Jewelcrafting Materials category. An item from World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. Always up to date.

4. Dragon Isles jewelcrafting ingredient items - Wowpedia - Fandom

  • Glimmering Alexstraszite Cluster · Glimmering Malygite Cluster · Glimmering ... Mystic Sapphire. N. Neltharite · Nozdorite. P. Primal Chaos. Q. Queen's Ruby. R.

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5. Jeweled Whelpling Battle Pet Recipes on Alts - Blizzard Forums

  • 24 dec 2022 · ... Glimmering Neltharite Clusters (for the Onyx Whelpling). I, too, wonder if something got mixed up and instead of maps being found, it's the ...

  • Unsure if this is a bug or not, but submitting this report just in case it is: I achieved Renown 21 for Dragonscale Expedition on my main (alchemy/herbalism), and after promptly purchasing the Onyx Gem Cluster Map and recovering the Neltharite cluster on my main, I also got the treasures to pop for the Amber, Emerald, and Sapphire color clusters - all but the Ruby. It was around this time I thought it was prudent to bring my Jewelcrafter alt to the Dragon Isles to start farming the designs, si...

6. D Isles treasure maps no longer dropping? - Blizzard Forums

  • 6 mei 2023 · My toon has been looting "Glimmering Neltharite Cluster"s which is one of the prerequisites before you are able to loot the others (based on ...

  • As of 10.1, Disturbed Dirt and Expedition Supply Packs no longer seem to be dropping the treasure maps needed for the Treasures of X exploration achievements. As someone who’s already farmed several of them, I know that it’s a rare drop chance, but I’m starting to wonder if the changes to the loot tables of Dirt and Packs broke something. I’ve gotten several very rare transmogs and not a single map. Might be something worth looking into for people who have access to that data.

7. Jeweled Onyx Whelpling - Xu-Fu's Pet Battle Strategies

  • 27 nov 2022 · ... Neltharite for the map for that character. Reagents: Glimmering Neltharite Cluster x 1. Neltharite x 2. Glossy Stone x 50. Elemental Harmony x ...

  • The Jeweled Whelplings come in 5x different variants matching the Dragonflights, and all require Dragon Isles Jewelcrafting level 50. One character on the account must reach Renown Rank 21 with the Dragonscale Expedition to unlock Jeweled...

8. Dragonflight Pre-Expansion PTR - Build 45570 - MMO-Champion

  • 14 sep 2022 · Glimmering Neltharite Cluster. Magnificent Margin Magnifier Jewelcrafting. Jewelcrafting. 2 sec cast. Reagents: Artisan's Mettle x 150. 225 ...

  • Dragonflight Pre-Expansion PTR - Build 45570

Glimmering Neltharite Cluster (2024)


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