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In a landscape crowded with imitations, the enduring Ford Bronco stands tall as one of the most coveted vintage vehicles globally. From its iconic headlights and grille, a vintage Ford Bronco radiates a rugged and charming personality that transcends generations of enthusiasts.

Classic Ford Bronco Restorations for Sale

In a landscape crowded with imitations, the enduring Ford Bronco stands tall as one of the most coveted vintage vehicles globally. From its iconic headlights and grille, a vintage Ford Bronco radiates a rugged and charming personality that transcends generations of enthusiasts. In a world marked by a relentless pace, the classic Ford Bronco prompts you to slow down, appreciate your surroundings, and take the wheel with your own two hands. Stripped of machine learning, automation, selfie modes, or social media "Likes," owning a classic Ford Bronco is a personal journey focused on you, your friends and family, and the open road that lies ahead. At Exotic Car Trader, you may find a variety of Ford Bronco Restorations for sale including 1973, 1974, and 1976 versions.

1973 Ford Bronco

This restored Bronco is a true work of art, painted in Nardo Gray PPG premium paint with stainless steel and polished aluminum accents. Inside, you'll find vintage oak leather seats with a stylish diamond-stitched design, perfect for comfortable rides with the added warmth of heated seats. The interior also features modern conveniences like a Dakota Digital HDX instrument cluster, retro power windows, and a bluetooth sound system neatly tucked away in the lockable center console. Powering this Bronco is a brand-new 2022 Ford Racing 465 HP 5.0L Coyote V8 motor paired with a 2022 Ford Racing 10R80 10-Speed automatic transmission, ensuring a strong and smooth driving experience. With mechanical upgrades like Wilwood brakes, a kincer shift cable, and custom Tom Woods drive shafts, this Bronco is ready to tackle challenging terrains, combining modern features with classic craftsmanship. Wait no more to buy this classic Ford Bronco restoration at Exotic Car Trader.

The 1973 Classic Ford Bronco has its roots in Ford's response to the demand for compact off-road vehicles in the 1960s. Introduced in 1966 as part of the first-generation Bronco lineup, it showcased a distinctive boxy design and robust construction, providing versatility for on-road and off-road usage. The 1973 model, available in various body styles, significantly contributed to the Bronco's rising popularity and cultural impact as a durable and rugged vehicle. With a visually striking Nardo Grey exterior adorned with premium PPG paint, stainless steel, and polished aluminum accents, the 1973 classic Ford Bronco stands out in the crowd. The vintage oak leather interior, featuring heated front seats, a kincer shift cable, and a custom radiator/cooling fan assembly, combines comfort with functionality. Packed with features like LED exterior lights, a full billet aluminum package, chrome bumpers, stainless steel lift-off hinges, power running boards, and a polished aluminum EZ lift hood with stainless steel gas shock assist, this Bronco is a true blend of style and substance. Priced around $200,000, it remains a preferred choice for enthusiasts seeking a unique and capable off-road vehicle.

1974 Ford Bronco

The 1974 Classic Ford Bronco also belongs to the first generation introduced in 1966, designed by Ford to compete with compact off-road vehicles like the Jeep CJ-5 and the International Harvester Scout. Recognized for its robust construction and versatility, the Bronco quickly became an iconic and durable vehicle. The 1974 model, with different body styles, further solidified the Bronco's status in American automotive history. Dressed in a Brittany Blue paint with chrome accents embellishing the bumpers and side trims, this 1974 Ford Bronco presents an eye-catching aesthetic. Expressing its off-road character, the Bronco is equipped with 15-inch Method 304 double standard wheels in Matte Black, wrapped in 35-inch BFG mud terrain tires. A New East Coast Gear Supply disc brake conversion ensures superior braking performance. Providing versatility, the vehicle comes with both Black vinyl and Black mesh bimini tops. Inside, the Classic Ford Broncos reimagination features opulent Tobacco leather upholstery, heated front seats, and AMP power steps with integrated lighting. Safety elements include a family-style roll bar, while modern comforts like an aftermarket air conditioning unit are incorporated. Security is heightened with a Tuffy locking center console, and the Dakota digital dashboard adds a contemporary touch. Entertainment needs are met through a Kenwood audio system, six Focal speakers, and a 500-watt JL amplifier. Housing a potent Generation 3 Coyote engine generating 460 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque, this Bronco is mounted on a Throttle Down Kustoms frame designed for Coyote conversions, featuring a 2-inch expansion. The powertrain, comprising a new 6R80 6-speed automatic transmission and a quick 6-shift controller, ensures responsive and seamless power delivery. Performance is further elevated with a Wilwood vacuum boost power brake master cylinder, making this Bronco a thrilling and visually captivating off-road adventure.

The 1974 Classic Ford Bronco, is masterfully restored by Exotic Car Traders, which involved disassembling and refurbishing the SUV, leaving no aspect untouched. Finished in a vibrant orange and white color scheme, reminiscent of the retro palettes of its era, this immaculate example showcases a set of 35” by 12.50” BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A K02 tires on 17” Pacer wheels, delivering optimal off-roading capabilities and a nostalgic vibe. The enhancements extend beyond the exterior, with LED headlights, chrome trims, and retractable power steps facilitating access to the luxurious custom leather front and rear interior. Inside, a Kicker sound system, vintage air conditioning unit, and digital audio display elevate the driving experience. Find out more about this restoration sale as it can cost around $249,995.

1976 Ford Bronco

This Classic Ford Bronco has a cool 70s design with a bright pink color that adds a fun and adventurous touch. It's built with a tough steel body, a strong Kincer Chassis cage, and a sturdy Throttle Down Kustoms frame for safety and durability. With a 3.5-inch lift and big wheels, it stands tall and ready for action. Inside, the white interior with pink details keeps it simple and classic, but with modern comforts like air conditioning, LED lights, power windows, and a good stereo. Under the hood, there's a powerful new engine, the Ford Performance Gen 3 5.0L Coyote V8, teamed up with a 10-speed automatic transmission for smooth driving. It's well-prepared for off-road adventures with features like a strong Dana 44 front axle, good brakes, and additional upgrades that make it a capable and fully equipped off-road vehicle. This 1976 Ford Bronco has undergone recent investments to enhance its performance both on and off the road. Notable upgrades include a custom interior, four-wheel disc brakes, and efficient air conditioning, making it an impressive cruiser. The fuel-injected V8, paired with a five-speed transmission and new suspension components, reinforces its identity as a capable 4x4. Delve into the details to explore the array of enhancements that contribute to the overall awesomeness of this Bronco. The interior offers comfort and convenience for all, with features like cup holders, a Bluetooth stereo, and a thoughtfully integrated air conditioning system. The open Bronco design, with comfy cloth inserts and a bikini top, ensures a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Powered by a 302 cubic-inch V8 with a Holley Sniper electronic fuel injection system, this Bronco boasts a Streetfire multi-spark ignition, an aluminum radiator, and shorty headers for added power. The five-speed manual transmission provides complete control over the V8, while robust suspension components, Falken Wildpeak tires, and a two-speed 4x4 transfer case contribute to its exceptional off-road capability. With power steering and four-wheel power disc brakes, this Bronco excels as both an off-road adventurer and a reliable in-town driver. This first-gen Bronco has received the right investments to make it stand out, both on and off the pavement with a price of around $219,900.

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Several companies provide classic Ford Bronco restorations for sale as high-end custom Bronco builds combine the beauty of original Broncos with the technology of new vehicles. Maxlider Brothers Customs helps with tailor-made Ford Bronco which can be used daily at work and play. At Velocity, restored Ford Broncos are also sold as the car builds with a dedicated team of over 120 skilled enthusiasts. Velocity delivers unmatched attention to every detail, proven process, and guaranteed timelines, setting a new standard in classic vehicle manufacturing. The first-generation Ford Bronco is also reimagined with modern technology at Gateway Bronco. 3D configurations are used in the classic Ford Bronco restorations with a rotating, 360-degree view where you can instantly visualize your custom selections. Pick from a variety of standard options or curate the build to your preferences with custom colors, wheels, leather selections, and mechanical options. After reading about the classic Ford Bronco Restorations sale, the main question is whether it's a good idea to get one. If you love classic cars and have the money, getting a Ford Bronco could be a great choice. Exotic Car Trader has a variety of cars from different times that you can check out. Based on what you learn from this review, it's a good idea to think about getting a Ford Bronco restoration. Exotic Car Trader is the place to go when you're thinking about buying or selling a car.

Classic Ford Bronco Restorations for Sale | Exotic Car Trader (2024)


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