30 Mason Jar Salad Recipes: A Month Worth of "Salad in a Jar" Recipes (2024)

Thirty days of mason jar salad recipes — NO REPEATS. Create a grab-and-go lunch plan with these 30 healthy salad in a jar recipes.

30 Mason Jar Salad Recipes: A Month Worth of "Salad in a Jar" Recipes (1)

I struggle with eating a healthy lunch. I have been buying pre-made salads from the grocery store, but I'd much rather make my own. The environmentalist in me hates wasting the plastic, even if it is recycled, and the foodie in me dislikes knowing the ingredients aren't super fresh. I've been making my own salad in a jar — and I love it!

Below you'll find tips for making salad in a jar, plus thirty unique mason jar salad recipes to help you keep things "fresh."

Why use mason jars for salad?

There are many perks to prepping salad in a jar for lunch...

  • SINGLE PREP — You can chop ingredients and prep salads for the week all on one-day instead of having to pack a lunch each day.
  • MORE CONTROL — You know the ingredients are fresh and if you prefer, organic, local or non-GMO.
  • VARIETY — You can enjoy a different mason jar salad every day of the week by simply switching up some of the ingredient combinations.
  • HEALTHY — Having lunch prepped and ready makes it easier to resist other temptations.
  • ECONOMICAL — Bringing lunch to work is cheaper than eating out or buying store-made salads.
  • ON-THE-GO — Mason jar salads are great for on-the-go. We've brought them camping, on hikes, and my two girls like the ease of taking them to school too.
  • GREEN — The reusable mason jar makes these salads a great environmentally-friendly option.
  • EASY CLEAN-UP — Glass mason jars can be safely popped into the dishwasher for easy clean-up.

What size mason jar is best for salads?

The mason jar you choose for packing salads depends on your eating habits. A 16-ounce pint mason jar works great for a light side salad. A 32-ounce mason jar ensures you have space for everything without crushing ingredients.

You can order a 12-pack of 32-ounce wide mouth Ball mason jars on Amazon Prime to get started, but you can find mason jars at your local retailer for MUCH cheaper. The best deals are actually often at hardware stores like Home Depot, Menards, or ACE! Our family loves using mason jars to store leftovers too, so having a twelve-pack has been helpful.

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How do you keep the salad in a jar from getting soggy?

You simply need to know the mason jar salad layers order! You keep your salad super crisp by strategically ordering ingredients in your mason jar salad. The dressing and wet ingredients are at the bottom of the jar separated by veggies keeping your salad crisp on top! Get full step-by-step instructions below.

How to layer your mason jar salad in three simple steps!

Mason jar salad order matters! There are three simple steps to follow with putting together asalad in a jar. You want to layer your ingredients in this specific order:

  1. Start with the dressing and other wet items, such as cucumbers, on the bottom.
  2. Next, add moisture-resistant veggies, like carrots, for example, on top of that.
  3. Last of all, top with the protein of your choice and any "dry ingredients" such as greens, pasta, and any crunchies.


I loved this visual explanation of how to put together a mason jar salad from Farmer's Fridge.

30 Mason Jar Salad Recipes: A Month Worth of "Salad in a Jar" Recipes (3)

Image Credit: Farmer's Fridge

How do you eat salad in a mason jar?

Can you eat mason jar salads out of the jar? Yes, just shake, shake, shake, and enjoy this easy on-the-go lunch. When you're at home, sometimes it is still nice to put the salad into a bowl to enjoy.

For me, one of the main purposes of mason jar salads is having a pre-prepped lunch, not the convenience of the container itself. In the end, deciding how you want to eat your salad is 100% up to you!

Mason Jar Salad Recipes — 30 Salad in a Jar Combinations

30 Mason Jar Salad Recipes: A Month Worth of "Salad in a Jar" Recipes (4)

Here are a few salad in a jar recipes I am going to try this month:

  1. Greek Chicken Salad
  2. Healthy Taco Salad
  3. Portable Caprese Salad
  4. Rainbow Winter Quinoa Salad
  5. Fresh Mozzarella and Spinach
  6. Spinach Blueberry Salad
  7. Buffalo Chicken
  8. Strawberry Spinach Salad
  9. Healthy Taco Salad
  10. Strawberry Poppyseed Salad
  11. Layered 7-Bean Salad
  12. Chopped Taco
  13. Asian Noodle Salad
  14. Bell Peppers, Veggies, and Goat Cheese
  15. Pomegranate and Pear Salad
  16. Glowing Green Mason Jar Salad
  17. Spring Pea with Romaine, Radish, and Feta with Buttermilk Ranch
  18. Zucchini Pasta Salad with Avocado Spinach Dressing
  19. Quinoa Salad in A Jar (4 recipes)
  20. Broccoli and Pomegranate Salad
  21. Tortellini and Artichoke
  22. Chopped Black Bean and Corn
  23. Ranch Rotini Salad
  24. Mozzarella Tomato Pasta
  25. Chopped Cobb
  26. Hearty Rainbow Salad

More Mason Jar Salad-Spiration

Here are four more salad in a jar recipe suggestions from Farmer's Fridge:

27. Antioxidant Salad in a Jar: Start with white balsamic vinaigrette. Layer in mixed berries, sprouts, carrots, almonds, goat cheese, flax seeds, and mixed greens.

28. Mediterranean Salad in a Jar: Start withbalsamic vinaigrette. Add inartichokes, black olives, tomatoes white cannellini beans, cucumbers, Parmesan, pine nuts,oregano, and mixed greens.

29. High Protein Salad in a Jar: Begin with the lemon-based dressing of your choice. Next throw in chickpeas, broccoli, cookedquinoa,corn, peas, currants or figs, pumpkin seeds, shredded Parmesan, and spinach.

30. Detox Salad in a Jar: Start with the lemon-based dressing of your choice.Layer in pineapple, blueberries, cookedquinoa, fennel, sprouts, and kale. *I am going to skip the cannellini beans they recommend!

30 Mason Jar Salad Recipes: A Month Worth of "Salad in a Jar" Recipes (5)

Recipe & Image Credit: Farmer's Fridge

How long does salad in a mason jar last?

Depending on the ingredients in your mason jar salad, they can last between three to five days in the refrigerator. We usually prep salads Sunday for the week, and they remain fresh. You'll want to eat salads with things like tomatoes, shredded cheese, chicken, or cucumbers within two to three days, as those ingredients don't last as long. Salad combinations that include quinoa, broccoli, carrots, and legumes hold up great!


Looking for additional inspiration? Check out Mason Jar Salads and More: 50 Layered Lunches to Grab and Go at your local library or see the book preview here on Amazon. The book is full of gorgeous full-color photos andtasty recipes, including:

  • Pomegranate and pear salad in a jar
  • Pesto tortellini with cherry tomatoes
  • Crunchy Asian salad
  • Spinach, blueberry, and blue cheese salad
  • Curried chicken salad in a jar
  • Kale and avocado salad
  • Overnight oatmeal with fruit
  • Green bean and feta salad

Do you have a favorite mason jar recipe? I'd love to hear about it. Let's chat in the comments.

30 Mason Jar Salad Recipes: A Month Worth of "Salad in a Jar" Recipes (6)

PS:When I started making salads in a jar, Iorder Balljars (which I love using). However, I recentlynoticed these brilliantMason Salad Jar Containers. They have a built-in dressing containerthat keeps the dressing separate from the rest of your ingredients.How cool is that?

I also love all the different colors available. Theseare:

  • Leak-proof lid includes a built-in 4oz dressing container
  • Made with Eastman Tritan(TM)
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA-free

I haven't tried them yet, but I am tempted!

If you live in the Chicago area, be sure to check out Farmer's Fridge. Too cool.

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30 Mason Jar Salad Recipes: A Month Worth of "Salad in a Jar" Recipes (7)
30 Mason Jar Salad Recipes: A Month Worth of "Salad in a Jar" Recipes (8)

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30 Mason Jar Salad Recipes: A Month Worth of "Salad in a Jar" Recipes (2024)


Do salads last longer in mason jars? ›

Because of the unique way of layering the salad vertically, it preserves the freshness of the salad for longer. Depending on the ingredients added, a make-ahead mason jar salad can last for up to 5 days. That means you can have lunch ready for the week ahead!

How long does lettuce last in a mason jar? ›

Lettuce will stay fresh and crisp for about 2 weeks. I cut it up in large chunks and put it in a large jar. Carrots and celery: Completely submerge in water, change out water every 3-4 days.

Are mason jar salads worth it? ›

They're perfect for meal prep! Prep a big batch of salad over the weekend, store them in five separate mason jars and you'll have a salad for each day of the week! They're perfect for a convenient, grab-and-go meal option. The flavor combos are endless so you'll never get bored!

What is the best size jar for salads? ›

The Salad Jar

A pint, or two cups, is a good lunch sized portion for most folks. If you want, you can double the ingredients and use a quart sized jar for a more “family sized” salad. The shape of the jar also serves to keep the ingredients layered. This maintains freshness and keeps things from getting soggy.

Why do people put salads in mason jars? ›

While a salad is relatively simple for most people, properly packing them into a mason jar so they don't wilt and get nasty is really the trick! The idea is to put your more “sturdy” ingredients towards the bottom.

Do cut veggies last longer in mason jars? ›

Usually, when you wash and cut your produce, their shelf life is limited to a couple of days. But, when I put them in mason jars after prepping them, they last a week to a week and a half. Because mason jars are air tight, they keep the produce from spoiling as quickly.

What kind of lettuce keeps the longest? ›

* Crisp varieties: Heads of lettuce like Romaine, Iceberg, and Butter lettuce generally last longer than softer leaf lettuce. * Freshness matters: Look for a head with crisp, vibrant leaves and no signs of browning or wilting. I eat lettuce every day but I still can't get through the entire head before it goes bad.

Does lettuce keep better in a mason jar? ›

I found that my lettuce lasts even longer if I cut it up and put it into the mason jars dry right from the bag. When it comes time to use the lettuce, I'll take what I need out of the jar and rinse/clean it before serving. I also don't recommend putting any other type of vegetable in with the lettuce.

Does lettuce last longer in a glass jar? ›

Ample circulation of air is key to keeping lettuce crisp and fresh for longer. For this reason, an air-tight plastic or glass storage container may be preferable over a bag. A container allows the leaves more room so they don't get squished or bruised during storage, allows air circulation within the container.

Why do restaurant salads taste better than homemade? ›

Restaurants salt their salads.

This resulted in every bite tasting vibrant and flavorful. "Season your salad just like you would anything else," Simpson said. "Salt is a big difference between salads at home and salads in a restaurant." This doesn't mean you have to make your salads salty!

Is it cheaper to buy premade salad or make your own? ›

It's expensive.

bag of pre-cut, “triple-washed” romaine lettuce is $2.99/lb. A fresh romaine head — about 14 oz. — is $1.69. Even if you end up tossing 15% of the fresh head during prep, that means the pre-packaged stuff is MORE THAN DOUBLE the price of the fresh.

What is the difference between a mason jar and a jar? ›

They are remarkably similar to commercially used jars, but the biggest difference is that real Mason jars have a wider rim that gives them a better sealing surface. They are also made better so they can resist cracking and breaking under the high pressure that is necessary for canning.

What happened to simply good jars after Shark Tank? ›

Life for Simply Good Jars after Shark Tank

The exposure that Simply Good Jars gained from "Shark Tank" led to sales for the company exploding by 1200%, according to an interview Jared Cannon gave the Philly Voice in 2022.

What is the best way to keep salad fresh longer? ›

Method #1: Paper Towels and Plastic Bag

This is the way many readers recommended storing lettuce. After washing and drying the leaves (cutting big leaves like romaine down is up to you at this point), the lettuce is laid out on paper towels, then rolled up and placed in a plastic bag.

What is the best container to store salad in? ›

Best Salad Container Overall

The Rubbermaid Brilliance is one of the best salad containers right now. This 100% leakproof clear plastic, BPA-free container won't spill even if you drop it. It's airtight lid will keep greens fresh for days.

Can you keep lettuce fresh in a Mason jar? ›

I found that my lettuce lasts even longer if I cut it up and put it into the mason jars dry right from the bag. When it comes time to use the lettuce, I'll take what I need out of the jar and rinse/clean it before serving. I also don't recommend putting any other type of vegetable in with the lettuce.


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